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With our Joomla templates and page builder Quix, you can build your website in minutes. Your website will be SEO friendly with the help of Quix SEO Analyzer and Image optimizer.

Quix page builder


Build production ready trendy website in 10 minutes.

Almost every imaginable design is possible and customizations are allowed on every level. Some features could make use of better controls. If you know how to operate your mouse, then you are all set to use this pagebuilder.

Ludwig Alberter

Create Visually

Truly responsive first visual page builder for Joomla! You'll get exactly what you want, no fuss.

Optimize for SEO

Get accurate SEO analysis while you build your website and action plan to fix SEO issues.

200+ Templates

Take advantage of our pre-designed blocks and templates and make your site live in 10 mins

Just few words to congratulate your team for your great job wjth Quix 2.x. Really good job !!! We are a web agency in France and are very pleased to work with Joomla and Quix. You changed our business life : more work, more customers and less time.

Frédéric BEGHI

DigiCom - Joomla Ecommerce

Selling Digital Product Simplified

Say hello to the easiest and secured way to sell digital products with Joomla!

Single & Bundled product

Sell single products or bundle products and category as separate package. Great way to offer bundled product with discounted price.

Unlimited file downloads & log

Allow customer to download their product endlessly and track everything from their download log such as IP, time and download count.

Powerful reporting & activity tracking

No business is complete without detailed bookkeeping. Check your sales and download report by day, week, month or year. Everything in one single page.

Notifly - Fomo extension for Joomla

Grow Your Business With Trust Honest Marketing

Leverage the true power of social proof to instantly increase site conversions by up to 15%!

Showcase realtime activities

If you’re not leveraging the power of social proof on your website right now, then you’re missing out! 90% people trust the recommendation from a peer.

Customizable design

Customize every details as possible that match with your brand. Change message to your language , update it's design and so much more.

No coding required

Enable any integration and adjust the settings and you are ready to capture event from the integration. No coding required. Period.

Amazing company. Great team and products. I use QUIX and the J! free extensions as core tools in my website. I have to mention the dedicated support even to the free products, how long it takes. Just a very nice company. You can reach anyone from the CEO to support till the just arrived programmer and they will treat you well. Trust ThemeXpert

Udi Keshet

People You Can Count On

If you’ve been around the block very long, you know that there’s one big risk when buying a theme from a small, new company: they could go out of business and stop providing updates, which means your website would quickly go out-of-date.

That’s why it’s important for you to know that ThemeXpert has been an industry leader since 2010--and we aren’t going away anytime soon. We guarantee you’ll be thrilled with your product. If not, let us know—and we’ll make it right.

ThemeXpert Team